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Elf Crunch


This treat is a little sweet and a little salty!  We make this every year and give it as gifts to coworkers and college roommates and it is requested again the following year from all of the above! 


We love the combination of the sweet and salty and we try new ingredients each year.  You can use Cheerios, Life, or Oatmeal Squares and they are all delicious!  You can substitute the almonds with any type of nut. 


This mix is so easy to make and it is absolutely beautiful when packaged in a clear bag and wrapped with a gorgeous ribbon and gift tag.  It is hard to mess this up because it is so easy.  Just use the ingredients you like best!



1 box rice Chex cereal

24 oz almond bark

3 cups pretzels

1 cup almonds

1 large bag red & green M&Ms

Christmas candy sprinkles

Course sea salt


Melt the almond bark as directed on package.  Combine cereal, pretzels and nuts in a large bowl and pour melted bark over the mixture.  Stir to cover the mixture well with the melted almond bark.  Pour mixture into a large cookie sheet that has been lined with waxed paper. 


Quickly add the M&Ms over the mixture then sprinkle the sea salt and candy sprinkles over the top.  Allow the almond bark to set.  Once this has set and become firm, break the mixture into smaller pieces and store in an airtight container or ziplock bags.

Note:  You may add the M&Ms to the mixture before you pour the melted almond bark over it; however, this covers the M&Ms making them milky white on the outside.  The mixture is much prettier if the M&Ms are not covered in the almond bark.

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