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Truffle Chocolate Frosting

I am notorious for trying new frosting flavors to compliment my cakes.  I love a beautiful layer cake that has been frosted using a swirling technique.  This technique is not difficult and most of the time can be achieved simply by using a spoon.  I like the homemade and more rustic look it gives the cake.


I make chocolate frosting several different ways depending on what I am going to top with it.  If I am piping, I tend to use a frosting that is a little more stable because it keeps its shape on top of cupcakes. 


However, sometimes I just want a creamy, luscious frosting to cover a layer cake.  This frosting tastes like a truffle.  It is full of butter and delicious melted chocolate making it decadent and smooth.  The combination is divine!

This makes a gorgeous swirl on top of a layer cake and creates a beautiful presentation as well!


1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips melted

2 cups butter softened to room temperature, not melted

4 1/4 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1 tablespoon heavy cream


  1. Cream the butter and sugar together.  Add the heavy cream and mix well with a hand or stand mixer.

  2. Add the vanilla.

  3. When the melted chocolate chips have cooled to room temperature, slowly add them to the mixture and beat well.  Do not add these when they are hot or they will melt the butter and this will create a runny frosting.

  4. Mix on high for about five minutes until fluffy and creamy.

  5. Frost your favorite cake and don’t fight over who gets to lick the bowl!

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