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We're glad you're here!

I am Melissa, a southern girl, and I love to cook and share those recipes with my family and friends.  I also have a knack for event design.  I love the process of creating a vision for an event and then designing all of the visual details to transform a space and tie it all together - from the invitations, florals and decor, to the activities and even the food!

This is my daughter, Sydney.  She is my number one co-pilot.  Together we make this blog a beautiful space for sharing our favorite southern recipes and we've added a few pictures of special events we have worked on together.


I have taught Sydney a thing or two in the kitchen, but she has refined her own techniques and makes some of the best baked goods on this side of the Mason Dixon Line!  She is also a skilled artist and her creative side comes out in everything she sets out to accomplish.

We've created our version of a beautiful website that is free of pop-up ads and other distractions. We hope you enjoy our tiny slice of online space here at New South Table.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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